Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fan Art - Snow White Christmas

Artist Adele Lorienne...Snow White Winter

• Mechanical and Colored pencils
• 10-15 hours total time
• Completed 2010

Copyright Adele Lorienne. Used with permission.

This piece was posted to her webpage in December 2010, "My gift for Mom this year! She adores Disney's Snow White." Adele's website and deviantart page.


Artist Patrick McMichael...Snow White Xmas Card

• 2B and H pencils
• Strathmore 300 series smooth Bristol board
• 6 hours total time
• Completed 2009

Finished Drawing + Work-in-Progress. Copyright Patrick McMichael. Used with permission.

"Every year I try to do a new Disney themed Christmas card for the family. They are all drawn in pencil ONLY...this is my favorite art tool." Patrick's blog and deviantart page.


Artist Raymond Francisco...Disney Princess Kids Christmas

• Line art in pencil
• Colored with Photoshop
• 3-5 hours total time each
• Completed 2005, 2006 and 2007

Copyright Raymond Francisco. Used with permission. 

Raymond's workflow goes as follows:
First I do a pencil sketch which typically takes me 20-30 minutes, depending how many subjects on one picture. Then another 20-30 minutes inking, either using the Sakura Micron Pens or the Copic Multiliner. Next, I scan the picture and open up Photoshop. From there, it takes me 2-4 hours to color depending how much detail I want to put into.
A couple more of his pieces can be viewed in an earlier post. Also see Raymond's deviantart page.


Artist Elizabeth Hentze...A Snow White Christmas

• Digital media
• Completed 2008

Copyright Elizabeth Hentze. Used with permission.

From her webpage, "Every girl likes perfume for Christmas, but perhaps such an apple-themed one as DKNY brings back bad memories for our dear Snow White." Elizabeth's deviantart page.

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