Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Disney Catalog Ornaments & Decorations (1999-2003)


Christmas came early in the 1999 Halloween Disney Catalog (p.90-91). There was a Seven Dwarfs velvet stocking, resin stocking holder, and velvet tree skirt. The opposite page had a Snow White porcelain ornament, Seven Dwarfs bell ornaments, the Storybook Ornament Set, and Christmas snowglobe.


The 2000 Holiday Disney Catalog featured Casey Jr. on the cover and four different sets of princess ornaments inside (p.10). You could also buy the train which included Grumpy and Dopey riding up front with Mickey and Snow White with Doc bringing up the rear.


Snow and the Dwarfs graced the cover of the 2001 Fall Catalog to commemorate the film's release on DVD. A number of Snow White items made it into this issue. Those with a holiday theme included the Scented Dwarf Beanie Set (p.38) and back from the 1999 catalog, the Storybook Ornament Set (p.95). On the rear cover is the Radko Ornament Set.


A Mercury Glass Ornament Set showed up in the 2002 Christmas Catalog (p.90).

Also see the earlier post on the Snow White 65th Anniversary Radko glass ornament that appeared in the 2002 Winter Disney Catalog.


A Radko Witch ornament (with fellow Disney Villains) was in the 2003 Holiday issue.

The 2003 Winter Disney Catalog offered up individual Snow White and Cinderella ornaments plus a set of princesses light covers (p.104).

Opposite these (p.105) was a collection of resin stocking holders that included Snow White with Dopey.

Catalog scans courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


  1. Looks like you could spend all your money just collecting Snow White Christmas ornaments!

    1. You got that right Major. There's way more than I ever would have thought.

  2. Today I passed up the Doc, Sneezy, and Dopey bell ornament at a swap meet thinking I didn't want to keep it for myself and it looked recently made so was probably common and wouldn't sell for much if I sold it on-line. Back home I tried to find info about the bell out of curiosity and couldn't find anything. I thought of this blog recording lots of Snow White merch so I came here and eventually found this entry. I never would have thought the ornament would have been rare! Even if I wanted to go back and buy the ornmanent (it was $5.25!), it's much to far of a drive to make with nothing of real importance to do besides that one thing. My mom and I had finished up with a important errand before we came upon the swap meet. I wonder how much those bell ornaments are worth today together and individually.

    1. Bonclyde, glad you were able to find it on the Archive. I haven't ever come across the dwarf bell ornaments on ebay, although they probably do pop up once in a while.