Friday, May 16, 2014

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Online Game

Minor's Wanted! During our wait for the WDW attraction to open, Disney has produced a "newsreel" to recruit more miners. The clip encourages viewers to visit

Over the last couple of weeks, this ride webpage has had a countdown going for the release of an online Seven Dwarfs Mine Train game for kids. Visitors could "join the crew" and acquire a dwarf name, but the game itself was not live until today. Spoiler alert! If you want to discover the game details for yourself, don't read on.

When I did this a few days ago, there were a series of five questions I had to answer.

Favorite color and sound?

Bring to a desert island?

Free time and present preferences?

After completing the answers, my name turned out to be Lovey. (I hope this doesn't mean the desert island I end up on belongs to Gilligan!)

I was then able to download the Miner's Handbook.

Now that the game has gone live, I went through the process of getting a dwarf name again. This time, only three questions were asked, and they were completely different from the earlier ones.

And my new name is Chatty.

The game is made up of three challenges--the first is Pickin'. Chip away at the rock to get as many gems as you can in 45 seconds. Click your mouse to activate the pickaxe.

Next is Rockin'. Use your arrow keys to rock the mine car back and forth to collect the falling gems. Try to avoid other objects, though, which detract from your score.

The final challenge is Singin'. After listening to the dwarfs deliver a round of Heigh Ho, the order in which they were singing is jumbled. It's up to you to put them back the way they were.

After the game is finished, the results are tallied and your specialty is declared in a downloadable certificate. I am a Diamond Picker.

On another try, I received a low score and was awarded a Minor Miner certificate. A high score got me Gem Master.

After the Mine Train attraction officially opens on May 28th at Walt Disney World, kids can take their certificate to City Hall to receive an official seal of approval.

With the game now online, I took another look at the Miner's Handbook. It has a new look and more pages (as compared to the one from a few days ago).

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