Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Snow White Sand Sculptures, Blankenberge 2011

Sand sculpture festivals featuring Disney characters are becoming more and more popular, particularly in Europe. In an earlier Archive entry, we saw images of several Snow White-themed works from a 2008 event in Holland. Today's photos were shot by enthusiast, Maxime Lansmans, at the 2011 Blankenberge Sand Sculpture Festival in Belgium (sponsored by Disneyland Paris).

Snow and the Prince.

Doc and Sneezy.

Happy and Bashful.

Dopey, Sleepy, and Grumpy.


And the Old Witch next to it.

Map of the Festival.

A closeup on the Snow White section.

Map reverse side.

Info and images courtesy of the Maxime Lansmans Collection.

More photos can be found online at the festival website. Below we see the walkway and pavilion canopy overhead.

Over the last few years, several additional sand and ice sculpture festivals have been held, with more planned in the coming years. The Filmic Light will report back in future posts on those that relate to Snow White.


  1. I wonder what they add to the sand to make the sculptures so stable for so long? All that work for something that I assume will eventually be destroyed!

    1. Other people online have wondered about this too. Some have suggested that they use a sand with a higher clay content to help it hold together. One guy thought they might mix sodium silicate with the sand or spray it on afterward which would create a harder outer shell.

      I'm fascinated by impermanent sculptures like this, and those out of ice or snow. It's a very Buddhist type of artwork--transitory.