Monday, March 15, 2010

Snow White in Sand, 2008

Holland has some lovely sandy shores along the English Channel. So much so that every September, the town of Noordwijk aan Zee with its 12 kms of beach hosts the European Sand Sculptures Festival. The event attracts some of the best sand artists from around the world as well as over 200,000 visitors.

The international carving teams create beautiful, grand, yet fleeting works of art. The results are stunning. The sculptures evoke something reminiscent of Tibetan or Navajo sand paintings, not in style, but in the impermanence and almost spiritual nature of the artwork.

In 2008, eight carving teams had the task of creating sculptures, all with a Disney motif. A number of them were princess-themed, including one of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Sculpted by Jiri Kaspar, Jakub Zimacek and Olga Kolot.



Snow White and Prince


  1. Yes, definitely some mighty fine sculpting there considering the medium they're working in.