Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1987 Snow White 'Celebration Series' Read-Along CD (Hal Smith)

First time on compact disc! Snow White Celebration Series CD from 1987. Catalog no. CD-004 (DIDX 1455). The audio features the musical movie soundtrack interspersed with the narrated story presented by Hal Smith (first issued on LP in 1980, record no. 3906). Also included are interviews with Walt Disney (by Cecil B. DeMille, excerpted from Lux Radio Theatre), plus Adriana Caselotti and Ward Kimball. Bonus deleted song Music in My Soup. CD housed inside 24-page full-color book.

Front and rear covers.

Sample pages.

CD/book images courtesy of the Greg Philip Collection.

The set was listed in the 1987 Walt Disney Family Gift Catalog (p. 3). Retail price $12.95.

Catalog scan courtesy of the François Monferran Collection.

In the next Archive entry, we look at a letter to Adriana Caselotti from the producer of this disc. In 1989, the recording was repackaged as a CD only (no book) and released in the United Kingdom. See it in an upcoming post.

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