Sunday, March 21, 2010

Old Witch Caged at the Villain's Lair

The following question was asked of Disney Chief Archivist Dave Smith. It was about the caged Witch that used to be at Disneyland...
Q: I've seen over the years at Disneyland a cage that held the Hag from Snow White. When the cage was rattled, she would come to life and try to bribe folks to let her out by promising to show how to "turn water to gasoline." Who made this and what was the reason? Reid, Ben Lomond, California

A [Dave Smith]: The Witch in the cage was originally made by the former WED Display and Design Department at Walt Disney World, under Jim McNalis, for use in 1975 Emporium windows in the Magic Kingdom park promoting Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. When the Disneyana Shop opened on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland in 1976, the Witch, animated and with added audio, moved west to become a major display piece in that shop. Later on it was used in the Villain's Lair shop in Fantasyland and Le Bat en Rouge in New Orleans Square.

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From Snow White/Witch collector Kurt Raymond...
That Old Witch was in the cage at Disneyland's Main Street's Emporuim when I was 11 in 1977. My dad, being that he was not shy, asked a cashier if she was for sale after I BEGGED him to see. The woman brought a manager out who quoted him $5000.00. We passed, obviously.

PS: Rumor has it, that Michael Jackson paid a small fortune for an exact replica in HIS house

A Witch mural, based on Gustaf Tenggren's original inspiration art, could also be seen at the Villain's Lair shop in Fantasyland from approximately 1998-2004.

Image courtesy of The Raymond Collection.


  1. do you know what happened to her?

  2. She's probably become a prized acquisition in someone's Disneyana collection, although I can't be sure.