Thursday, November 19, 2015

1960s Disneyking Figures by Marx

In addition to the smaller Disneykin figures of the 1960s, the Marx Toy Company also issued a series of 20 Disneykings. Same molds, but larger (60mm scale). Hard plastic; hand-painted. Snow White and Dopey were included in the collection. Sold in individual boxes for 29¢ each or four for a dollar. Also available in sets.

Snow White.

The Snow White Disneyking fig stands 2.25" high as compared to its Disneykin counterpart at 1.5".

The complete list of Disneykings.

SW Disneyking images courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.


1.5" Disneyking vs. 1" Disneykin.

Gift Box (missing lid). Complete set of all 20 figures.


Store Display (20-piece). Cardboard construction. Measures 16" high x 12" wide. Shipped to retailers in cardboard box. This particular display was sold at auction on May 14, 2011 by Profiles in History for $700.

Twenty-piece display images via Profiles in History.

Store Display (5-piece). Includes figure boxes.

Five-piece display image courtesy of The Flubber Gallery/


  1. Love Disneykins, and Grumpy is a favorite of my collection.

    1. They are great little figures, aren't they! And Nick you're not alone in your admiration of Grumpy. ;)