Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Disneykin Comic Book Ads

By the early 1970s, the demand for Disneykin figures by Marx was on the wane. The company ceased production of the line in 1973. Yet, that doesn't mean there weren't warehouses of these guys still waiting to be sold.

"Disneykin play characters are here!" This advertisement ran in comic books in 1972. Two separate 16-piece sets were being offered for $2.98 each. Or if you bought all 32 for $5.98, they'd throw in two free bonus figures. Snow White and all of the dwarfs are pictured in Set B. Postage and handling was just 25¢/order. There's no mention of Marx. Instead, these sets were being offered by Gandalf Products Co. of NYC, a novelty warehouse retailer.

An ad from a 1974 comic book. Note the figures are now pictured in illustrations rather than actual photos. Plus the shipping charge rose to 50¢.

Another from 1974, found in Tarzan #229, DC Comics. The warehouse seller is now listed as Saddle Valley Sales, Inc of NJ.


  1. Those are the ads that I remember! Thanks SWA! You have saved me from having to go through my old comic books to look for them. I remember wanting to order these sets SO badly. Even though my mom had let us order them through the Royal Gelatin offers, she didn't really trust the ads in the comic books for some reason so I was never able to send for them. Still, like I said before...she let us buy them at Disneyland, in addition to the figures we got through Royal Gelatin. We were not deprived as children, so I really can't complain! :-)

    1. Yeah, I don't blame your mom for being suspicious of these novelty warehouse retailers. They were the same ones that sold the classic x-ray vision glasses, sea monkeys, spy radio pens, life-size monsters, and the 7-foot Polaris nuclear sub. Although, they were legit businesses, the bulk of their products were questionable when you compared what they advertised to what you actual received in the mail.