Monday, November 23, 2015

Disneykin Mock Snow White Figures by Marx

Not all of the Disneykin figures originally envisioned by toy manufacturer Louis Marx & Company came to fruition. They were planning a full Snow White series in the early 1960s, similar to the 1962 Pinocchio series. In addition to Snow and the dwarfs (which were part of the original Disneykin release), other characters from the film would have been added.

Some prototype boxed figures were created, mostly for toy fairs to weigh dealer interest. Yet, the new figure sets were never produced. The mock-ups are usually hand-painted, utilizing stock boxes (like the Play Sets and TV Scenes).

One prototype features a hand-painted cardboard “flat” of the Witch. She is accompanied by the dwarfs and some props.

Another with a paperboard Prince has been seen in a TV Scenes box along with a Disneykin Sleepy. Some of these prototype sets emerged from West Germany in the 1990s and still appear on eBay occasionally.

Special thanks to Abby Weissman of the Flubber Gallery for providing the Play Set image and information. Learn lots more at his disneykins site.

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