Monday, May 9, 2016

1983 Schneewittchen Lobby Cards from Germany

A large collection of lobby cards were issued for the November 26, 1983 theatrical re-issue of Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge in then West Germany.  Card size: DIN A4 (29 x 21,5 cm). The film was distributed by 20th Century Fox, and the logo is seen in lower right corner.

Two slightly different sets of lobbies were issued, both with similar images but also minor variations. On the lower left side, one set reads, Walt Disney Productions'. The other set is simply marked, Walt Disney's.

The Walt Disney Productions' 12-card set...

Both sets include the scene of the Old Witch climbing the rock cliff, an illustration not often used in other promotions. Note that the image is reversed in the second set (further down this page).

An original envelope which held the 12 lobby cards above.

The second 12-card set (missing one) are all marked Walt Disney's. The colors are more vibrant with this group because they were partly hand-colored before going to print.

Also included with this set were five "texttafel" cards, each with a film scene description.

An original 1983 Cinema Advertising Packet was recently seen online. It contained a total of 46 lobby cards (both variations), including the text cards. It also had 11 regular size movie posters, plus additional promotional info.

Additional cinema packet images via ebjay1.

Special thanks to Greg Philip of A Lost Film, Nunziante Valoroso, and Edgar Winkler, all for sharing image scans from their collections as well as invaluable information about these sets.


  1. These are delightful images as ever thank you for posting these German Lobby Cards Robert!

  2. Wow, I own seven of them too, but some of them are with different pictures. I think the complete set was of 11 or 12 cards. I own also a different set of ones, still with the Fox logo, but with different colors on the photos and "Walt Disney Productions'" replaced with "Walt Disney's" . Are them from a 50th anniversary german reissue, perhaps?

    1. They might be from the the 50th. Not sure, though. Do you have any scans of your lobby cards so we can research them further? And if you have pics of your 1983 cards, we could add them to this post. :)