Tuesday, May 24, 2016

2016 "Piece of Walt Disney World History" Scary Adventures

Snow White's Scary Adventures "Piece of Walt Disney World History" pin, released at WDW on April 14, 2016. Limited edition of 1500. The pin contains a piece of the mural in the scene where the Prince kissed Snow White. Retail $15.99.

See last year's 2015 "Piece of History" pin from Disneyland in an earlier Archive entry.


  1. Oh, I am *so* looking for this pin when we are in the park this weekend.

  2. There is just something so very wrong about this pin! Yes, let's demolish a beloved Fantasyland dark ride that is original to the park and replace it with just a "meet 'n greet" and then sell a piece of the demolished ride in pin form, because people will buy them up like crazy. If they were selling a piece of my all-time favorite DL or WDW attraction, I would not buy it just out of protest! How many of these "limited edition" pins are there and how much are they going to make off of them? Enough to pay for the demolition of the attraction? Are there going to be other pins similar to this, but with pieces taken from other parts of the mural? I'm sorry, but this brings up a very sore subject all over again! Sigh!

    1. You are not alone in your thinking, Tokyo. A lot of folks feel the same way. Sigh too.