Friday, July 8, 2016

The Three (Disney) Graces by Stephen Cargil

It is thought that Italian painter Raphael created his oil painting, The Three Graces, around the start of 16th century. His subject matter, three goddesses from ancient Greek mythology, has been the focus of numerous paintings and sculptures by other well-known artists for hundreds of years.

Enter the 21st century. Stephen Cargile--Principal Show Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering in California--creates his version. It features Snow White flanked by Cinderella and Aurora. Each holds the iconic symbol from their individual tales. No, we're not saying this belongs in the Louvre, but it does have a fresh style not often seen in the rendering of Disney characters.

This art print was purchased in November of 2014 at Disneyland by collector drj1828. It was available at the Disneyana shop on Main Street for $39.95.

Special thanks to drj1828 for use of his photos. 

In an earlier Archive entry, check out Snow, Cindy, and Briar Rose all having tea together on the cover of the 2004 Disney Catalog Spring Preview.


  1. I love this art style! So simple but so cute! <3

    1. I totally agree Hanon. Simple, clean, but impactful.