Monday, July 25, 2016

Walt Disney's Snow White Sketch Book

Walt Disney's Sketch Book of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. First published in 1938 by William Collins & Sons, London. Hardcover with dust jacket, 84 pages (including endpapers). As the title suggests, the book included concept art from the making of the film, plus 12 full-color plates.

The color plates featured Snow White, Queen, Witch, Prince, Seven Dwarfs, and the Forest Animals. These would later be reprinted in England as a set of "Collector Print Primer Cards" used to raise money for the war effort. See all 12 in an earlier Archive entry.

1938 Sketch Book images via Heritage Auction Galleries.


In 1993, the book was reproduced as a Gold Edition, limited to 2,000 copies. Published by Applewood Books. Housed inside a slipcase. Covers with Gilt gold text. The set also included separate lithographs of the 12 color plates, along with a Certificate of Authenticity. Sold exclusively at the theme parks.

The lithos came in a portfolio, which in turn fit inside the slipcase along with the book.

The open portfolio, COA bookmark, lithos, slipcase, and the book...


Also in 1993, a Collectors Edition was issued, limited to 2500 copies. Published by Applewood Books, ISBN: 1557092087. Housed in black slipcase with the cover color panel artwork.

Slipcase and book...

Reverse side of slipcase...



A 1993 general release of the book was published too. Included dust jacket but no slipcase. ISBN: 1557092079.

Some sample pages...

Illustrations and text copyright Disney, 1938, 1993. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.

Also see the 1940 Gros Monti postcards from Italy which were based on the same color plates found in this book.


  1. Great and magnificent, I have the general release 1993 edition. The pictures are absolutely marvelous.

  2. These look wonderful!

    Grr... I really hate (translation: "envy and admire") artists who can create such expressive and powerful sketches with minimal lines for maximum effect. ;-)

    1. Those Golden Age artists were darn good. :)

  3. Replies
    1. You may have to wait for your Christmas sellers are asking a small mint. ;)