Saturday, July 30, 2016

1993 Timex Snow White Watch Series

Snow White wristwatches from Timex, the first in the series were issued in 1993. Each came with a plastic display stand.

Dopey "face" (80221). Gold tone case. Brown/black leather band with six embossed dwarf heads. Original SRP $24.95.


Seven Dwarfs with rotating Snow White (80281). The princess kisses each of the dwarfs as she slides around the perimeter. Gold tone case. Brown/black leather band with embossed film title .


Individual dwarf watches were also produced. Gold or silver tone case. Embossed name on split leather band. Suggested retail price $29.95.

Dopey (80511).

Sneezy (80601).

Happy + Sleepy + Bashful




Snow Kisses Dopey (80621). Similar artwork to the limited edition seen in previous post. Gold tone case. "Snow White" embossed lettering on black leather band.


Seven Dwarfs plastic watch (21821). Elastic nylon band with silhouette design. Retail 39.95.


Snow White plastic watches. Illustrated crowns on elastic band (21801) and dwarfs elastic band (21831).

Also in this Snow White Timex series:

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