Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1975 'Snow White' Soundtrack Buena Vista Record Set 102

The Snow White soundtrack LP has been released on numerous occasions. In 1975, a three-disc "Commemorative Issue" boxed set was produced in the US. It was unique because it included all of the audio from the most recent movie release--all of the music, dialog and sound effects. Total run time about 85 minutes. Label: Buena Vista Records. Catalog no. 102. Format: 33⅓ rpm, 12" vinyl. Black rainbow labels.

The 1975 Snow White Screenstar Poster Magazine (see in another post) was included inside the box set. An ad with prices for the soundtrack appeared on the back cover of this poster mag. Retail $9.95 (or $12.95 for 8-track tapes).

The recording was also issued in Australia but with different cover artwork (see it in another post). A two-record version was released in Japan.

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