Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1975 "Character Portrait" Lobby Cards

In addition to the standard 1975 North American lobby cards, a second series was also produced. These eight character portraits were sold as a set to theater owners for just $1.00 but required a minimum order of ten sets for $10.00. They were promoted by Buena Vista Pictures (i.e. Disney) to be used as displays in the theater lobby and around town in store windows and at shopping centers. It was also suggested to cinema managers that they'd "make great prizes for your contests." They are indeed very colorful images. Each measures the standard 11" x 14".

This particular set sold in auction on November 13, 2011 for $155.35 (USD).

Lobby Cards via Heritage Auctions.

This lobby card set appeared on page eleven of the 1975 Snow White pressbook (along with the door panel posters seen in an earlier post).

Pressbook Page from personal collection.


  1. I have a set of these. I have seen them on the internet that say 1970 and 1975--how do you know what year you have and where can one sell them?

    1. These are definitely from the US 1975 re-release of the film. There was no 1970 issue. Two very reputable auction services that sell items like this are Heritage Auctions and Hakes. Both are found online. If you prefer to sell on your own, of course ebay is one of numerous selling sites to choose from. Good luck.