Sunday, January 9, 2011

1975 Door Panel and Standee Displays

Door Panel Posters...

These movie theatre posters are from the 1975 re-release of Snow White. As advertised in the film's pressbook, they were sold as a set of four to theater operators for the sum of $8.95 (per set) from the Buena Vista Specialty Department. Designed to fit into the glass windows of a theater lobby's front doors, each poster measures 20" x 60". Text at bottom of each panel reads, "Walt Disney Company" and "Litho USA Technicolor". Produced in limited quantities, the posters were printed on glossy paper stock and delivered rolled.

Page 11 of the pressbook advertising the door panel set...

Pressbook pages from the Filmic Light Collection.

The four poster set...

Door Panel Poster images courtesy of CineMasterpieces. Used with permission. 



Page 13 of the Snow White pressbook advertises two standee sets...

The two sets of cardboard standees consisted of a "giant" version and a countertop series. The giant standees measured 60" tall x 20" wide and sold to theater owners 4 to a set for $14.95. The mini-countertop set was $5.95. Each piece was supported by an easel-back stand.

The image of the dwarfs mini standee (left) is provided by long-time collector Rick Payne. At one time Rick had possessed all four of the standees, but unfortunately they were damaged in a water leak.

Here's all four counter-top displays. They measure about 5" wide and range in height from approximately 12" to 15".

Image via kuato2657.

Recently, Rick sent me the following image and accompanying email. "Was strolling through an antique mall today and found the 60" x 20" version of my little 1975 Dwarfs diecut standee! The contrast is pretty striking, don't you think?" I do indeed!

Standee Comparison courtesy of Rick Payne via dadric's attic. Used with permission.


  1. I normally consider the Wicked Queen extremely beautiful, but there is something about that poster that makes her look like a lizard with lipstick.

  2. That's hilarious Sheryl. Now that you say it, she kinda does.