Friday, January 28, 2011

Vintage De Beukelaer Snow White "Sticker" Book from Belgium

This 20 page softcover was first published in Belgium by De Beukelaer bakery products company and contains 100 different scene renditions from the Disney film. Each of the color pictures (3.5" x 2") would be obtained separately and then adhered to its corresponding page. The book measures approximately 13.5" x 9.75".

The dominant two languages spoken in Belgium are Dutch and French, so it's not surprising that this title was published separately in both. Same story, same stickers, just different languages.

It seems that numerous editions of the book have been printed. It's possible the earliest was produced concurrent with the original release of the film in 1938. Later editions probably date from the 1950s.

French version (F1) was bound in a reddish-brown softcover and held together with a simple red cord. Another later French edition (F2) was spiral-bound in an orange softcover. A Dutch (D) edition came with a spiral-bound blue softcover.

Front Cover...

French (F1)

French (F2)

Dutch (D)

Title Page...



Page 1...

Page 1 (F1)

Page 1 (D)

Page 2-4...

Page 2 (F2)

Page 3 (F2)

Page 4 (F2)

Page 5...

Page 5 (F2)

Page 5 (D)

More Sample Pages...

Page 9 (D)

Page 11 (F1)

Page 13 (D)

Page 16 (D)

Page 20 (D)

Dutch language image scans courtesy of Leander3. French (F1) images via fmcollectors. French (F2) via sunnyseller2000.

Glue was needed to adhere the thin paper stock "stickers" to the book. Cards measure approximately 2.75" x 2". The backs are numbered and read "Biscuits De Beukelaer" and "By Authority of the Walt Disney Mickey Mouse S.A.".

Card images via Bubble Gum Hall of Fame.


  1. That is so neat! And it's always a treat to see Snow White's real mother.

  2. These are really cool. I have a couple Alice ones as well. It is likely that these came out around the 1952 re-release of Snow White.

  3. Venus-- Yes, it's not often that Snow White's real mother is shown or mentioned in the Disney version of the story.

    Matt-- I bet you're right with the date on the spiral-bound books. This kind of binding seems to "modern" for something made in the late 1930s.