Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow White Post Toasties Cut-Outs

The year is 1934, and we're in the thick of the Great Depression. This, however, does not stop marketing wizard Kay Kamen from closing a sweet deal with General Foods. The cereal maker has agreed to pay the whopping sum of one million dollars to the Disney boys--revenue they will need as they start the ball rolling on their first feature-length film! That's a million 1934 dollars--a whole lotta money--and this just for one year of rights to place Mickey Mouse cut-outs on the backs of Post Toasties corn flake boxes. Children's cereal marketing would never be the same again.

The cut-outs were an immediate success. The cereal boxes would cost the parents about 12 cents each and after they were emptied, the kids had something to play with.

This rare paper sign (17"x24") promoting the debut of Disney cut-outs dates from 1934. Features early renditions of Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Pluto. Sold for $1,075.25 (USD) September 2010.

General Foods Post Toasties would continue to employ Mickey Mouse and other Disney character cut-outs through 1941. Each box usually featured two to four cut-outs on the back and one along the side panel. It was around the 1937 release of the film that Snow White first appeared on Post Toasties.

Eight oz. box measures 8.5” tall, from 1938 series.

The Snow White Post Toasties Cut-Outs:

Two Post Toasties Side Panels.

The set of eight 1937-38 Post Toasties Cut-Outs sold for $95.60 in July of 2009.


  1. I want one of those milk glass cereal bowls!

  2. Tokyo-- Me too. I've looked and looked, but haven't ever found one anywhere, not even an image of one other than this advertisement.

  3. I have one of these bowls and have been looking for years to find another. Does anyone know what it is worth? I was looking to sell my collection of DOC memorabilia and with that, I have several "snow white" items, such as this bowl, a silver spoon with all the characters etched on it and the original sandstone characters that were given away while you waited in line to see the movie in 1939. Anyone have a suggestion on where to go?

  4. CarrieAnne-- First let me say congratulations on finding such rare gems! I've been looking to get a photo of the bowl for sometime now, but haven't had any luck in my search. I would love to post an image of yours (with credit to you course). If this is something that interests you, feel free to email at the address in my profile.

    As far as selling these items, I would suggest contacting either Heritage Auction Galleries or Hake's Americana and Collectibles. Both are professional and reputable auction sites.

  5. Thanks so much. I was THRILLED to find the advertisement for this bowl, as I have been looking to find some provenance for this item for years. In addition, I have a 1947 Rogers Silver etched baby spoon. The spoon has all the characters etched up and down and on both sides of the spoon's handle. i have never seen one of these before either and looking for it's provenance as well. May I send you photos of both of these items?

  6. Thank you CarrieAnne. Your photos complete this post!