Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Disney Couture Snow White Tees

Haute Couture is a French expression for high fashion. Haute means "elegant" or "high" while couture traditionally means "dressmaking" or "sewing". The two combined imply an excellence of artistry with the fashioning of garments. Today, couture has become a common abbreviation for the haute couture phrase and refers to the same thing. Source: fashion-era.com

Disney Couture is an incorporation of its iconic characters into this fashion style. Modern designs and embellishments combine with artistic re-drawings to form a unique jewelery, handbag and clothing line. Source: SpoiledBrat.

Included in this collection are some fairly dynamic tees. Most of these Snow White "coutures" were produced over the last couple of years.

Image (right) via SpoiledBrat.

Item No. 102454M
Stock image copyright Disney Store.

Dolman Sleeve Shirt from 2009. Retail $39.95 (USD). Sold out.

Image via Hot Topic. Copyright Disney.

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