Friday, September 13, 2013

Disneyland "Dream Machine" Tickets

Disneyland celebrated its 35th anniversary in 1990, and from January 1 to December 31, all guests entering the park would be given one scratch-off ticket. There were 25 tickets in all--24 characters plus a "35 Years of Magic" ticket. All measured 2" x 5.5".

Snow White...


Scratching a winning ticket would reveal a prize--Disney videos, commemorative coins, plush characters, collector pins, etc. For larger awards, guests would need to pull the lever on the Dream Machine itself which was located at the Hub in front of the castle.

Dream Machine 1990 photo by Chris Bales. Image courtesy of Yesterland.

The big prizes included Delta Air Lines tickets, US Savings Bonds, and one winner each day took home a brand new GEO car! An automobile would actually rise up from below the ground after the lucky winner had pulled the lever.

The Dream Machine as seen in the Spring 1990 Disney News magazine.

Visit Vintage Disneyland Tickets to see the entire set of 24 character tickets plus the 35 Years of Magic ticket. And learn more about the 35th anniversary and the Dream Machine at Yesterland.

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