Sunday, September 1, 2013

1983 US Snow White Pressbook

The Snow White pressbook from 1983 consists of twelve pages (not including covers) and measures 10.5" x 14".

The front cover has a cut-out "window" allowing us to see the color illustration underneath.

Pages 2-3. Trailers, TV and radio spots; 1-sheet, half-sheet, insert, lobby cards. Film credits and synopsis.

Pages 4-5. Newspaper copy on Adriana Caselotti, Woolie Reitherman, Disney's Folly, and Jimmy MacDonald.

Pages 6-7. Exploitation with King Features syndicated comic strip and various local events.

Pages 8-9. Glad and Smuckers supermarket campaigns. Quality Bakers of America promotion; a Snow White character tour across the US.

Pages 10-11. Coloring contest. Name game.

Page12. Promotion for the upcoming release of Never Cry Wolf. The back cover had nothing printed on it.

In the next Archive entry, see the 1983 Ad Pad that accompanied this pressbook.

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