Friday, September 20, 2013

Snow White Bank with 'Movable Arms'

Snow White has apparently been working out at the gym in this plastic figural bank released in Canada. The somewhat brawny-built princess stands 9" high, though the coin slot is only half that distance from the bottom, making it difficult to fill it more.

An interesting feature is Snow's movable arms. If I was going to hire a tough-looking princess to guard my money, this would be the one.

The original box is printed in both English and French. The side is marked, "PAX880, PAX Mfg. Co. Ltd, (Concord) Ontario L4K 3N7, Made in China."

Images via maxinect03.

The online seller of this particular bank thought it had been purchased back in 1995, but with no indication on the box, she wasn't sure of the exact year of manufacture.


  1. The eyes (amongst other things) on this Snow White...aren't quite right.

    1. She's a little scary isn't she? :)

    2. On the bright side, this would make a good Halloween decoration :D.

    3. That's a good point. Just in time for October 31st. :)