Sunday, September 8, 2013

Snow White Makeup Tutorials

Screen capture via Charisma Star TV.

When it comes to viewing Snow White makeup videos, it's just like watching anything on youtube. There are those you like. And others so bad, they make you cringe. If you're looking for legit Ms. White tutorials, these are some of the better ones online.

Posted by Charisma Star TV.

This tutorial was produced by an actual 14 year old, same age as Snow White.

Posted by BeautyLiciousInsider.

Here the transformation of "before' and "after" is fairly striking.

Posted by ColdPassion.

Includes using circle lens for the eyes.

Posted by MichellePhan.

Professional makeup PLUS hair styling.

Posted by Emma Pickles.


  1. Ha, these are weirdly fascinating. Good old Internets, you can find anything there!