Thursday, September 12, 2013

Snow White 45th Anniversary Medallion

From 1982 comes this unlicensed Snow White 45th anniversary commemorative medallion. Created by Greathouse Productions, the 1 troy oz, .999 silver rectangle bar was limited to only 70 pieces.

A correspondence with an ebay re-seller revealed more info about the medallion...
Greathouse Productions was Tom and Nancy Greathouse. They never had permission from Disney to produce the bars. Yet due to the low mintage, Disney attorneys did nothing more than file cease and desist letters. No other legal action was taken.


  1. Wow, pretty ballsy of them to produce this without permission from Disney. I wonder if that makes these ingots worth more than the bullion itself?

    1. To the right SW collector it probably would. There's certainly more than 70 of us out there. :D