Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 Snow White "Artist Series" Puzzles

Each year, the "Artist Series" by Mega Puzzles features the work of different Disney artists for their 1000-piece puzzles. In 2013, two Snow White-themed paintings by Toby Bluth were added to the collection.

Portrait of Innocence.

It was spotted in February at Target for $9.09, and in May, it was going for $12.99 at Toys R Us.

Back of box.


The other Snow White 2013 Artist Series puzzle: Is She Asleep?

Toby's artwork has been used often by Mega Puzzles. See some of his other Snow White puzzles from the series in an earlier post.


  1. I like the Snow White pictured on the first puzzle... she has more of a "baby faced" younger girl. I'm not sure if the have consciously made her look older in most artwork, or it she's just hard to draw (she even changes a bit throughout the film).

    1. She seems to have a slightly altered appearance throughout the film, doesn't she? Guess that's what comes from so many different animators contributing to her look.

  2. Yes.... I am wondering if this scene could have been done by Grim Natwick (famous for "Betty Boop")??