Tuesday, August 18, 2015

1969 Disneyland Coke Bottle Cap

In 1969, Disneyland and Coca-Cola teamed up in a promotional campaign that required the collecting of bottle caps to win prizes. An illustration of Sleeping Beauty's castle was displayed on the top of the cap along with the Coke logo (although some variants have been found without the castle). The underside featured a character or attraction that you would see at the park. Snow White and Dopey were paired together.

The collected bottle caps were to be affixed to a special map of Disneyland. If the complete set was found, you won a free admission to the theme park! Here's a few of the other caps in the series...

Images via spbungaloid,Johnny Wong.

One facebook individual shares his memories as a kid, running all over town searching for the caps in order to win free tickets to Disneyland: read here.


  1. I'm wondering if they did this promotion again a few years later? I remember a contest like this, but I thought it was in the early seventies. I have most of the Disneyland related items from my childhood, but unfortunately that map is not one of them. :-(

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if there were more than one Disneyland/Coke cap promotion. There definitely were multiple Disney bottle cap campaigns in countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

      I've never seen the Disneyland bottle cap map. No one seems to have it online. Would love to add it to the post if it ever turns up.

    2. I saw one at the Disneyana Convention in Anaheim a couple years ago. I should have snapped a pic of it!

    3. I'm sure we'll come across another eventually.