Tuesday, August 4, 2015

1957 Snow White "Tell-A-Tale" Book

Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a small 28-page book that was originally issued in 1957 by Whitman Publishing Company (a subsidiary of Western Publishing) in Racine, Wisconsin. It was part of their "Tell-A-Tale" series. Hardcover; approximate dimensions: 6.25" x 5.5".

Some interesting stylized artwork is seen on the cover and throughout the book.

The story was adapted by Helmuth G. Wegner. "Pictures by the Walt Disney Studio."

Western reprinted the title many times over throughout the years. It remained the same inside, but new cover art was added in subsequent releases. A price of 25¢ is marked on the front corner of the edition below. The item no. 2533 is listed on the back cover.

Here's one for 59¢, and it has a new item number, 2456-33.

Later editions were printed under the Golden Books line (another Western subsidiary), with a new product number, 2455-48, and an ISBN: 0-307-07038-7.

Still another printing, this one with the classic Snow White title font, plus a yellow background rather than green. It also has a UPC barcode on the back. Retail price of 69¢. Item no. 2455-53.

A few sample pages...

Illustrations and text copyright Disney/Whitman Publishing Company, 1957. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.

This little book was probably reprinted more times than we'll ever be able to count. Special thanks to Dan Alexander Dizmentia for graciously donating his copy to the Filmic Light.


  1. Great Post! Thank you for the information

  2. Thanks and you're very welcome 1937 Fan! :)

  3. Very beautiful booklet! I have many tell a tale books, including three versions of "Snow White" .They were never published in Italy, but in Mexico the "Novaro" ediciones translated them in spanish in the "Cuentame un cuento" series.

    1. Wow! I'd like to see the "Novaro" ediciones of Snow White. Very cool.