Tuesday, August 25, 2015

1938 Dopey Book, Whitman No. 955

Dopey He Don't Talk None (no. 955), printed on linen-like paper by Whitman Publishing Company, 1938. Contains 12 pages of full-color illustrations (including covers). Measures 9" x 12".

Front cover.

In the first part of the book, Dopey heads home from the mine with the rest of the dwarfs. After dinner, he blows soap bubbles out of his ears and makes music with his drumsticks.

He then takes center stage dancing while the others play the instruments.

That evening, he falls asleep on a bench, curled up with a bunny. In the morning, he jumps up to start cleaning with a feather duster but ends up chasing a loose feather all over the room. The dust causes Sneezy to explode with a big sneeze--so big that it blows Dopey up the chimney and onto a tree branch.

Back cover.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney/Whitman Publishing Company, 1938. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.

The book is listed on page 839 in Hake's Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles (2nd ed.) .

Special thanks to 1937Fan of Whistle While We Blog for sharing the image scans.  

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