Thursday, August 27, 2015

1938 Snow White "Musical Notes" Dairy Glasses

With the success of the 1938 Snow White "four-line verse" dairy glass premium give-away (see earlier post), a second series of glasses was produced. This scarcer "musical notes" set includes a singing Snow White, six dwarfs playing instruments, and Grumpy conducting. Musical notes float in the air around each of them. Eight tumblers in all. Two sizes, 4.75" and 4.625". Copyright "W.D. Ent." Issued in the US.

On the opposite side is the same four-line verse seen in the first series.

See a 1938 Kroger newspaper ad for these glasses (in a future post).


A similar "musical notes" series was released by dairy producers in Canada. The character illustrations are identical to the US set but sans the four-line verse. In addition, each glass has an animal running around the base.

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