Sunday, August 16, 2015

Snow White Figurines from Precious Moments

Some folks love Precious Moments figurines; others can't stand them. No matter how you feel, a great number of Snow White pieces have been produced over the years. They do have a certain anime-esque style of their own. All are hand-painted. Many are porcelain, others are resin. Part of the Walt Disney Showcase Collection. Here's a sampling...

In 2011, ''Gathering Friends Together Is a Wonderful Story.'' Snow White reads a storybook to Happy, Dopey and Grumpy. Porcelain bisque. 4.333'' tall x 5'' wide. Retail price $79.50.

Item No. 6811030080484P.

From about the same time, the Disney Birthday Parade Collection was seen online at the UK Disney Store. Six train pieces, each sold separate. Snow White was the first issued, ''May Your Birthday Be the Fairest of Them All." Resin. 4" high. Also appeared on the US site in 2013. Original retail $24.50 each. Still available

Item No. 6811030080105P.

Snow White and The Prince Figure, US Disney Store site September 2012. Includes horse, squirrels, and rabbits in wishing well setting. ''You are My Wish Come True'' title plate on wood base. Turn music key to hear Someday My Prince Will Come. Made of resin and porcelain bisque. 6.5" high. Retail $69.50.

Item No. 6811030080628P.

Two "music box" figurines. Both online in 2013. Both also play Some Day My Prince Will Come. The Rotating figurine (left) is resin with sparkling gem accents. Dimensions 7'' H x 5'' W. Retail $49.95. The ''Once Upon a Time'' figure (right) is made of porcelain. Measures 5.75'' H x 4'' W. Retail $34.50.

Item Nos. 6811030080704P + 6811030080542P.

In November 2012, "Once Upon Time" was spotted at the Off The Page shop in California Adventure park, along with a bunch of other pieces. Retail price then was $30.

DL images courtesy of TokyoMagic at Meet the World.

Loads more have been produced. Here's just a few that were found on the web...

A 2009 concept sketch by artist Teresa Lester for the "Apple of My Eye" piece in the My Granddaughter series. Designed for The Hamilton Collection. Figurine is bisque porcelain. Approximately 5" tall.

"Heigh Ho, It's Off To Play We Go" (left). Dopey and two pets ride in wagon, 5.25" H. Sold out. "You're One In A Million" (right). Snow sits atop a mine cart holding a carved heart, 6" H. Precious Moments original retail price $65.99. Both pieces are porcelain.

"Snow One Like You," 5.5" tall. PM price $60.99. "Fair In Beauty And In Spirit." Sold Out. Both porcelain.

Stock images copyright Disney.

You get the idea. Lots of figurines with new designs always on the way.

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UPDATE APRIL 2016: Music box figurine listed online at the Disney Store. Resin. Measures 6" high. Plays Someday My Prince Will Come. Retail $39.95.

Item No. 6811030080399P.


  1. Well that's interesting. The forest animals all have those same creepy eyes, but NONE of the Dwarfs have them. Does that mean the Dwarfs are immune to the zombie virus? ;-)

    1. : D The dwarfs still look like they're children in these figurines, so I think the virus doesn't take effect until you reach teenage years. ;)