Friday, August 21, 2015

Williams Ellis 200-Piece Snow White Puzzles #1-8

In the United Kingdom, circa 1938-39, puzzle manufacturer Willliams Ellis Co., Ltd. issued a series of eight numbered Snow White jigsaws, each containing over 200 die-cut pieces. Puzzle dimensions: 14" x 10". Retail price per box: sixpence. 

The package designs are identical with an illustration and text on both sides, except that on the front, Snow White holds a B+W photo of the individual puzzle. On the back, is a list of the eight in the series. Box measures approximately 8" x 5". Lining the top and bottom edges are the dwarf heads.

No. 1 in the series is an image of the dwarfs marching in a row, and it's labeled Heigh Ho.

No. 2, Whistle While You Work.

No. 3, Party Scene.

No. 4, Someday My Prince Will Come.

No. 5, Introduction of the Dwarfs.

No. 6, The Wishing Well.  

No. 7, Washing Scene.

No. 8, Outside Dwarfs Cottage.

Images via peterdonpgte.

An ad for puzzles appeared in the 1938-39 Mickey Mouse "Holiday Special" Magazine.

If you missed it, see the 400+ piece jigsaw by Williams Ellis in an earlier post. Also see another 200+ piece series in a later post.

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