Sunday, November 22, 2015

Disneykin Snow White Game from Royal Gelatin

In the previous post, we saw the 1967 Royal Gelatin Disneykins offer with the purchase of their product. As part of this promotion, they created a Snow White "board" game that was quite large and colorful, measuring  14.125" x 26". Printed on heavy uncoated paper. Reverse side is blank. The game was a free give-away premium with the purchase of a six-pack of Royal Gelatin.

Players roll a die and move their Disneykin character along the board. The bottom panel included perforated Snow White paper cutouts in case you didn't own any Disneykins.

Paper cutouts.


Closeups of the game board.

Special thanks to Rick Payne of dadric's attic for the image scans and info.

The game along with a Royal Gelatin display appeared on page 2 of the Snow White Merchandising Supplement to the 1967 US Pressbook.


  1. The artwork on these items is great... I picked up the Snow-White shooting game... UK Chad Valley version... but mine, I believe is an early first run, in which only four dwarfs acted as targets... and... get this... you could shoot Snow White as well... I know right!

    1. Here's three different variations on the Chad Valley Shooting Game:

      Plus a Chad Valley "Skittles" game:

      And a Bagatelle game: