Thursday, May 5, 2016

1979 Viking Press Snow White Book

Originally published in 1978 as a limited edition by Circle Fine Art Press (more info at bottom of page), this classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs book was republished with additional text in 1979 by Viking Press. Over 400 original drawings, sketches, and paintings from the film are incorporated into this retelling of the Snow White story. Contains mostly B+W images with scattered color stills throughout. Hardcover with dust jacket, 228 pages. Dimensions: 10.75" x 12.375". ISBN: 0670653810.

Embossed dwarfs and designs on front cover.

Title page.

Table of Contents. The story is told in text and images over eight chapters, with additional notes at the end about the illustrations and the making of the film.

A few sample pages.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney/Viking Press. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.

If there is one complaint that is sometimes heard about this book, it's that the individual illustrations are not specifically identified with the animators and artists who created them. Other more recent titles on the subject of Snow White artwork have shared more information in this regard. They've also offered greater numbers of color images on higher quality paper. Nonetheless, this one still delivers in its sheer quantity of drawings. It's a book that most Snow White aficionados want in their libraries.

An Italian edition of the book was published in 1980, followed by a French version in 1981, both with less pages.


UPDATE: The Limited Edition

The 1978 limited edition of 9500 was published by Circle Art Press, Chicago/New York. Hardcover, 14" x 11". White leather cover with raised bands and 22-karat gold leaf highlights. Individually numbered. Housed in red slipcase. Includes four serigraphs printed on acetate.

Additional images via Heritage Auctions.

Special thanks to Major Pepperidge of Gorillas Don't Blog for his assistance with this post.


  1. I have this book! It was a Christmas present from my mom back in the day. I'm not sure I'm remembering correctly, but was there a deluxe version of this book that had some clear cell-like pages? Or was that perhaps the 1978 "limited" edition of the book that you mentioned?

    1. That's a good question Tokyo. There have been a couple other Snow White books with the cel-like pages that you mention, but I'm not sure if the limited edition of this one had it. I haven't come across the LE yet, but will keep my eyes open for it.

  2. There definitely was a fancy edition that had 4 bound-in "sericels", with a nice slip case. The cover is fancier too, with stamped gold accents. I remember when I bought my copy of the regular edition, not being able to afford the plush edition as a teenager. Now that I think of it, I bought my book at an animation gallery... Ward Kimball, Frank and Ollie, and Grim Natwick were all there - I could have had it signed by those legends! What a dope I was.

    There are several copies of this (unsigned) edition on ebay right now, from as "low" as $339 and up to nearly $800. Ouch.

    1. Thanks Major for the additional info. Good to know that there was indeed sericels included in the special edition.

      Ward, Frank, Ollie, and Grim were all there. At least you got to see them in person. That's a cool thing.

    2. Updated the post to include the serigraphs! :)

  3. That's the special edition that I am remembering! Wow, Major....I had no idea that the regular version was that valuable. Although, I guess just because sellers are asking that price, doesn't mean they are going to get it.

    1. True that Tokyo. Like you said, asking and getting are two different things. ;)