Saturday, May 7, 2016

1981 Fernand Nathan 'Blanche-Neige' Book

The Snow White illustrated book--released in the US by Viking Press (1979) and in Italy by Mondadori (1980)--was also published in 1981 as a French edition by Fernand Nathan (printed in Italy). 110 pages.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney/Fernand Nathan. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.
Additional images via Greg Philip of A Lost Film.


  1. This book was derived by the italian version of the Viking one, published by Mondadori, Milano, in 1980, exactly coinciding with the italian reissue of the movie at the same time. Precious book, even if with less pages than the original, never reprinted. At the moment listed on ebay!

    1. Thank you Nun! I'm always appreciative when you help fill in the gaps with good information. I'll add a separate post soon on the Italian edition.