Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2011-2012 Snow White Classic 12" Dolls

Deluxe Sparkle Gown (2011):

From the 2011 Disney Store doll description, this Snow White stands 12" high and features a blue glitter bodice with jewel accent satin puff sleeves, yellow dress with tulle topskirt and glitter detailing. Fully poseable with articulated arms and wrists. Made of plastic/polyester. List price: $12.50 (USD). Sold out.

Item No. 6070040900022P

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Classic Doll Collection (2012):

This series of dolls underwent a redesign from the previous year and includes a new face, hair style, dress, and fully articulated legs too. Measures approximately 12". Plastic/polyester. List price: $14.50. Currently available.

Item No. 6070040908153P

The 2012 Classic Snow White coordinates with the Snow White Classic Doll Collection Accessory Set, as well as the Prince Doll. Both sold separately.

The wardrobe accessory six-piece set is the same one (just different packaging) that was offered with the 2010 version of the "Classic" Doll. It includes a peasant dress, silk gown, veil, hairbrush and a Happy and Dopey PVC figure. List Price: $14.50.

Item No. 6070040908143P

The 2012 Prince is also the same as the 2010 version except for the packaging. Stands 12" tall and is fully posable. List price: $14.50.

Item No. 6070040580820P

Snow White can also be paired with the 2012 Seven Dwarfs Doll Set.


UK Snow White Glitter Doll (2012):

Currently available at the UK Disney Store, this "Glitter" Snow White appears to be the same doll as the "Classic" above. The packaging design is different and includes the hairbrush accessory. Retail price £12.50 (GBP). Currently available.

 Item No. 411043048575P

The 2012 UK Prince also appears to be the same as the one above. Price £12.50. Sold out.

Item No. 411040377470P


A side-by-side comparison of the 2010-2012 Snow White 12" dolls: '10 Posable, 11' Sparkle Gown, and '12 Classic...

Comparison image courtesy of drj1828.

To compare more 12" Snow Whites, see the earlier posts on the 2011 Princess Classic Film Doll and the 2011 Disney Parks Doll.


  1. That last doll looks kind of Betty Boop-ish.

    1. More like something seen in some of the earliest production drawings for the film rather than in the finished movie.