Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 Seven Dwarfs Doll Set

This doll collection appeared at the Disney Store in early 2012. The Dwarfs stand up to 4.5" tall and are articulated at the neck, shoulder, hip and knee joints. Made of plastic/polyester, they have molded hats, but removable fabric outfits. A plastic mining tool is included for each doll. Retail price: $29.50 (USD).

Item No. 6071046530002P

The set is part of the Disney Princess Classic Doll Collection and coordinates with the 12'' Classic Snow White and Prince seen in the earlier post.

Two box designs were shown on the website. This first matched the graphics seen on the other 2012 Classic Doll Collection packagings.

The second design featured the identical Dwarfs but in a box more in-line with the earlier 2011 Snow White dolls. Names are printed in a different, smaller font.

Stock images copyright Disney.


This second box was photographed in July 2012 by Disleelandia at a Disney Store in the Upper Canada Mall, Newmarket, Ontario.

Disney Store Box, July 2012. Courtesy of Disleelandia.


It's also the same packaging that was unboxed and posted to the drj1828 photostream in January 2012.

Back of box...

The manufacturer's backstamp. "Simba. Made in China"...

Disney and Simba tags...

The unboxed Dwarfs...

Unboxed images and additional info courtesy of drj1828.


  1. How cute! It is surprising that there are so many princess dolls, and yet so few other character dolls! With whom are the princesses supposed to interact when children play with the dolls?

  2. I have the non-musical gift set, which I bought in about 2012, along with Snow White's prince, Ferdinand (?)

    These dolls are so cool! They're not as out of character-looking as the Bikin dolls, and they're not as stiff as the 1993 Mattel dolls, and even though I WISH that their hats came off, they are, by far, the best dwarf dolls EVER!