Thursday, October 11, 2012

Olszewski Snow White Portrait Box

Snow White heirloom box, first released in November 2007. Created by artist Robert Olszewski, it features bas relief detailing of Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, and the forest animals. Faux wood texturing and finish made of resin. Dimensions: 7'' x 5''. Limited Edition of 1937. Part of the Olszewski Art of Disney Collection. Other character boxes were also featured in the series. Certificate of Authenticity included. Retail price: $65.00.

Item No. 7509002524123P

Stock images copyright Disney Store.

Originally sold at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, the piece was also made available on Pics below taken at WDW in 2011.

Price signs at different shop locations...

Also see Olszewski's 2008 Heart Box in another post.


  1. Wow, I love this thing! Unfortunately, it qualifies as a "dust catcher" and would not be displayed well in my home. :-P It sure looks great at the store.

    1. It's too bad the glass display cases aren't included in the price of the item. :)

  2. That's really nice! Why didn't I see this before?!? :( Darn..