Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seven Dwarfs Embroidered Shirts

This women's 100% cotton long sleeve blouse features six of the Seven Dwarfs embroidered along the placket with Dopey above the breast pocket. Originally sold through the Disney Store for $45 in 1993, I recently found it at a resale shop for a couple bucks.

The shirt was pictured in the Fall 1993 Disney Catalog (p.5)...

Disney Catalog Item # 71027

Similar embroidery, yet different, was seen the following year on a long sleeve stripe shirt. This one was listed in the 1994 Holiday Disney Catalog (p.13). Original retail price: $45...

Disney Catalog scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.

And here's this same design with another style of shirt...

Another striped shirt, another embroidery design. The Dwarfs play their musical instruments...


  1. I had the striped one from 1994 (I even wore it on picture day in 9th or 10th grade). There were also a bunch of sweatshirts at that same time which I had as well. I just came across your site a few weeks ago but I haven't been able to find if you reference the fleece and leather letterman jacket from the late 90s?

    1. Mandy-- It's cool that you wore the shirt for your school photos!

      I haven't yet come across pics of the fleece and leather letterman jacket from the late 90s. Do you have any you can share?

    2. It's one of the few items from my early collection days that is not still in storage at my parents. I will see if I can get some photos this weekend if the sun comes out.

  2. I remember that first shirt! I was thinking that I saw it at DL, but I just now remembered that I used to shop at the Disney store semi-regularly in the nineties, so I guess that is where I saw it. What a great find for you!