Thursday, October 25, 2012

Target "Ultimate Disney Princess Collection" Dolls

In 2009, Mattel teamed up with Disney to produce a seven doll Ultimate Disney Princess Collection. Sold exclusively at Target stores, the set spotlights Tiana who is surrounded by Jasmine, Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel (with a tail).

In 2010, Rapunzel replaced Aurora. Ariel grows legs. Each doll is done up royally and wears a crown. Although the Target website stated that the arms and legs are articulated, very little articulation actually exists. The dolls are Barbie-sized and made of plastic. The list price was $59.95. Until just recently, the set could still be found both in-store and online, but it retailed for $64.99.

Stock images copyright Target/Disney.


Back of box.

In-store pics snapped with cell phone, September 2012.

Princess shoes.

A Black Friday sale advertisement for 2011.

Same set, slightly different packaging. (Target Australia).



The latest edition of Target's Ultimate Disney Princess Collection was just recently issued. Seen online and in stores late October 2012, it still features seven princess dolls, but Jasmine has been replaced with Merida from Brave. Sale price $54.99.

Snow White has a new dress and hair design...

These princess dolls are also available individually in the "Sparkling Princess" series. Retail $9.99.

NOTE: In future editions of the Ultimate Disney Princess Doll Collection, Snow White would be bumped out to make room for the Frozen sisters.


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos showing the dolls in a line-up: I never realized that Snow White was one of the shorter princesses. Interesting.

    I would like to get - someday - the articulated Snow White.