Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Piece of Disney History Pins - Snow White's Scary Adventures

A Piece of Disney History pin series was first introduced at Walt Disney World in 2005. Twelve pins, one per month. A second series was available in 2006 and a third in 2008. Disneyland started its first series in 2009, then another in 2010. A third series, A Piece of Disneyland Resort History, arrived in 2013 and has now continued into 2014.

Attached to each pin is a transparent sphere which contains an actual piece of the theme park attraction it represents. Two Snow White's Scary Adventures pins appeared in the Disneyland series, the first on October 10, 2013. A limited edition of 1000, the design features the Evil Queen in the window that overlooks the entrance to the DL ride. The sphere contains a piece of the Evil Queen's sleeve. Pin measures approximately 1.75" x 1.5". Original retail price $14.95.

The back of the pin is stamped with the usual pin trading markings as well as a mention of the Queen's sleeve, plus "Limited Edition of 1000" and the number "P389-7448-2-13158".

Original card backer.

2013 pin images via disneypinsnotherstuff.


On April 17, 2014, another Snow White's Scary Adventures pin was released. It features the Old Hag and contains a piece of her black hood. Limited edition of 1500. Retail $15.95.

The card backer is marked "2014" and has info on the opposite side about the original ride and its 1983 remodel.


  1. These are cool, and remind me of the old radio premiums… a pin with a glass dome containing "real gold ore!".

    1. Yeah, and a piece of the Queen's sleeve or Witch's hood is like real gold to some of us SW fans. ;)