Monday, April 28, 2014

Year 2000 Disneyland Character-of-the-Month Pins

The Character-of-the-Month series was initiated at Disneyland just as the Disney pin craze was picking up steam. It consisted of 12 limited edition oval pins, one for each month of the year. The first few retailed for $10.00 a piece. The later releases went for $12.50. Only 500 of each were created.

The Snow White pin came available on May 2, 2000. The artwork, by Disneyland character artist Peter Emmerlich, places the princess in front of the Wishing Well at Snow White's Grotto. Dopey looks on in the background. Gold frame. It sold for $12.00.

This was before all the pin manufacturing was contracted with China. The back is marked "© DISNEY TAIWAN". The pin clasp is the older metal style rather than the rubber mouse ears seen today.


For those not fortunate enough to land the limited oval pin, a rectangular open edition version was also released that May. Silver frame. Retail $8.00.

Images from the Filmic Light Collection.

The entire series of 12 included:
  • January - Mickey
  • February - Goofy
  • March - Pinocchio
  • April - Alice
  • May - Snow White
  • June - Minnie
  • July - Donald
  • August - Ariel
  • September - Pluto
  • October - Maleficent
  • November - Chip n Dale
  • December - Tinkerbell.

There was also a Snow White Character-of-the Month lithograph and coin.

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