Sunday, March 22, 2015

1972 Sharjah 'Snow White' Postage Stamps

A series of ten postage stamps was issued in 1972 by the Sheikhdom of Sharjah (part of the United Arab Emirates). The highly stylized artwork is by Campbell Grant and dates from the 1952 Golden Book. The stamps tell the Disney story of Snow White but also include her mother.

The story continues on four 1RL stamps.

The uncut sheets.

Images courtesy of the Greg Philip Collection via A Lost Film.


  1. Omigawd! Do they cite where the art came from... who did it? I swear that these are the images of the Snow White book I had as a child, and I have always wanted to find that book again, but had no clue where to look! I particularly loved the depiction of Snow White's birth mother, which is the first stamp listed here.

    1. The artwork comes from a Golden Book from 1952 and was re-issued in 1957. There's also a Cinderella one that I remember as a child loving to pieces. If you look on Ebay for "Snow White Book" there's several listings for this book. The cover has Snow White standing in the center of the dwarfs as they look at her. You want the "Big" golden book where even on the cover Snow White's large eyelashes are shown instead of her eyes.

    2. Thanks for the good info Aubrey! I'll see if I can dig up the book you mention and add some picks to the Archive.

    3. Yes, Aubrey, thank you for the information! Time for me to hit Ebay! <3