Thursday, October 1, 2015

1938 Parker Brothers Snow White Board Game

In 1938, Parker Brothers produced a board game called, "Walt Disney's Own Game - Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs".

The board back is pictured here with a Snow White label.

Board face.

Game components:
  • Board
  • Dwarf Dial (light green)
  • Apple Dial (red)
  • 4 Playing Pieces: Snow White, Prince, Witch, Seven Dwarfs (cardboard with wood bases)
  • Rules booklet
  • Also included with the original game was a Parker Bros. ads booklet for 8 other games: Monopoly, Sorry, Crossword Lexicon, Pigskin, Camelot, Flinch, Rook and Boake Carter’s “Star Reporter

According to the rules book, "the game is divided into four short scenes; each scene is a part of the story of Snow White and should be learned and played, one scene at a time."

Snow White in the Castle...

Snow White Wanders in the Woods...

Snow White in the House of the Seven Dwarfs...


The rules go on to say...
All players in turn move the same pieces around the board by the spin of the indicators. The winner is the one who is fortunate enough to make the move which releases Snow White from her long sleep by the kiss of the Prince.

Additional images courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.


  1. Wow, that thing is in beautiful condition! Amazing that it survived so many years, and still looks brand new.

    1. Really good shape for nearing 80 years old! It never would have survived in my home when I was kid. We played our games into the ground. ;)