Saturday, October 10, 2015

Snow White Toss-Up Balloon by Oak Rubber Co.

In an earlier Archive entry, we saw catalog pages for several Snow White (and other Disney) balloons from the late 1930s. Today we have an actual balloon still in its original package. Manufactured by the Oak Rubber Company in Ravenna, Ohio, it's what was referred to as a "toss-up" design. Features a two-chambered balloon and includes a die-cut cardboard backer with printed "shoes" on one side.

Balloon images via pezdudewelch.

From the catalog scan, we see that Snow White is printed on the front with the Seven Dwarfs on the opposite side. 'After the balloon is inflated, the nozzle is pulled through a small hole in the center of the feet and then through a slit in the back. The balloon stands upright with a weighted pair of cardboard feet. According to the advertising copy, you toss it in the air, and it lands on its feet every time.' ADDITIONAL INFO VIA SCOTT TRIPP AT BALLOONHQ.

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