Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Snow White Squeeze-Toys from Russia

A vintage Snow White squeeze-toy set from Russia. Dates from about the end of Soviet-era. Made of rubber.

The figures lack any kind of manufacturer markings or Disney copyright imprint. It's probable these were produced without permission from the mothership.

Snow wears a red skirt. Happy holds a pipe. Dopey has large ears. Sneezy seems rather jolly.

Doc. Sleepy. Grumpy. Bashful.

The princess stands about 7" (180mm), the dwarfs 5.2" (130 mm).

Images via junkman058.

The Russian Grumpy mold strongly resembles this 1992 Mattel figure, except for the movable arms.

And the face on the Russian Happy can be seen in this Doc.

Mattel images via vintagemania10.

The eight-piece set was seen online in April 2015 and is still available now. The seller is from the Ukraine. Special thanks to Dan Alexander Dizmentia for the heads-up on this one and to Maxime Lansmans for the Mattel comparisons.


  1. And now, a little game! Guess which of the following toys is a real Disney product. :)

    1. Wow Maxime! Almost identical molds, except for the arms. :)

  2. You got Sneezy and Sleepy mixed up.