Sunday, December 12, 2010

1975 Snow White Press Kit 8x10s

These glossy 8x10s below are just a sampling of the many that were sent out to theatres and distributors as part of the press kit for the 1975 Buena Vista North American theatrical re-release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
The main purpose of a press kit was to give movie theatres and exhibitors "tools" or "ideas" that could be used for press releases, promotions, contests, advertising suggestions, etc. In other words, a press kit was provided to help the theater or film create a successful film campaign. From LearnAboutMoviePosters
These promotional "campaign kits" contained numerous black and white photos, a synopsis of the story with plot details, cast info, production notes from the film, and a pressbook which among other things contained images of the different posters that theatre owners could order. More press kit dope at Learn About Movie Posters.

Scene synopsis is printed on the back of the photos. "It's you again..."

This next 8x10 does not have the R75 or 75A numerical markings indicating a 1975 date. However it was purchased in the same lot as the others and contains the same identical Buena Vista re-release verbiage on the backside. It's numerical label is 1051-8033C.

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