Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Blitzkrieg of Brass Key Dolls, 2001-2007

It started slowly. In 2001, Brass Key released their first "Disney Princess Collection". These were 14" handsomely crafted porcelain dolls with an affordable list price. The set included Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella and Belle. The next year a 16" "Signature Collection" was introduced. Sales must have been good for BK because in 2003, they added more princesses and unleashed an explosion of dolls into marketplace.

Princess Collection...14"

Box Front, Back, Bottom; original purchase price $19.97 (USD).


Princess Signature Collection...16"

Box Front, Back, Bottom; original purchase price $32.95 (USD).


Jewel Collection...16"

Box Front, Back, Bottom. 
Above dolls from the Filmic Light Collection. All other images via the Brass Key.

Holiday Series...16" (L) and Royal Holiday Collection...16" (R)

Signature Series...16"^


Holiday Romance Collection...16" (L) and Ballerina series...17" (R)

Holiday Edition...16" (L) and Celebration Collection...14" (R)

The Five Inch Collection...5" (L) and Trio Collection...9" (R)

The Holiday Collection...14"


Celebration Collection...16"^ (L) and Celebration Collection...16"^ (R)

Classic Collection...7" (L) and Seven Inch Disney Collection...7" (R)

Holiday Classic Collection...14"^ (L) and Classics Collection...14"^ (R)

Winter Fur Collection...14" (L) and Holiday Fur Collection...14"^ (R)

Spring Blossoms Collection...7"^ (L)


Holiday Fur Collection...14" (L) and Classic Holiday Collection...16" (R)

Reflection Collection...14" (L) and Reflections Collection...18" (R)

Royal Nursery Collection...8" (L) and Starlit Collection...14" (R)


Stardust Collection...14" (L) and Enchanted Tales Collection...14" (R)

Enchanted Tales Gold Collection...16" (L) and Enchanted Tales Winter...16" (R)

Winter Collection...16" (L) and Royal Ball Collection...7" (R)

Royal Nursery...13" (L) and Enchanted Nursery...7" (R)

Magical Moments...16"

Brass Key stopped updating their website after 2007, but porcelain collections with the BK logo continued to be produced up through 2009. Dare we say even to the point of possible doll overload? Some lines were limited editions, others exclusives to specific store chains. All were still fairly affordably priced for the collector who had to have the latest model. I personally felt appeased after the first three.

The following is an email response I received from BK in regards to an inquiry on possible future porcelain Snow White dolls:
Unfortunately, The Brass Key is no longer producing Disney Porcelain dolls. 2009 was the last year we produced anything Disney oriented and we have not renewed our license with Disney. We extend our apologies and thank you for your loyal support and interest in Brass Key Dolls!

^ Indicates that size was not listed on BK website so it's an estimated guess.


  1. Oh, so lovely dolls! I really would like to have one of these, actually. That reminds me of a set of wooden dolls, like the russian Matroshka, I bought in Berlin last year. It is Snow White with alle the dwarwes inside eachother. If you know what I mean. I must blog about that doll soon. Anyway. I found the fairytale about Snow wghite and Rosy Red here.
    It says it is similar to the story about The six swans, but it has many Snow White related themes too.

    Merry x-mas!!! Hugs!

  2. Thanks for the link Eirin and happy holidays to you. I'll be watching for your post on the Russian-like Matroshka doll set you bought in Berlin.