Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow White Pressed Quarters

Elongated quarters with a dime and a nickel thrown in for some spare change:

Top: Snow White pressed quarter, first appeared at Disneyland 2001, retired 2008. Below: 2008 Snow White quarter with backstamp. Currently still available from the press machine at It's A Small World Toy Shop, Fantasyland, Disneyland.


Snow White quarter currently available at Contemporary Resort, 4th Floor Concourse #4, WDW.

Left: Retired Dopey quarter, 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World, 1996. Right: Dopey quarter currently available at Main Street USA, Emporium, Walt Disney World.


A Philatelic Numismatic Combination (PNC) is a combo stamp and coin usually on a First Day of Issue envelope for either the coin or stamp. This PNC was offered by Ewell Gunther's American Covers. Some envelops were signed by JoAnn Killingsworth, Disneyland's first Snow White and "First Lady" at the park opening in 1955.
Elogated dime (L) and nickel (R), 50TH ANNIVERSARY 1987, has initials of Frank Brazzell, the engraver. Coins were probably not authorized by Disney.


The Animated Film Celebration series of elongated coins began at the beginning of 2001, commemorating various Disney animated films. The Snow White quarter was available at the Boardwalk Resort, Lobby.


Coins from the... 
Happiest Celebration on Earth [which] began May 5, 2005 and continued through the end of 2006. This event celebrated 50 years of Disney theme parks. Even though the celebration was over at the end of 2006, the quarters did not start being replaced with generic themed quarters until about March 2008. By the end of August 2008, most of the quarters from this celebration have finally been replaced. Source: presscoins.com
Walt Disney World The Happiest Celebration on Earth quarters:

Snow White from All-Star Movies Resort, World Premiere Food Court; Grumpy from the Fantasia Gardens Arcade; Happy from Animal Kingdom, Island Mercantile; Sleepy from Animal Kingdom, Out Of The Wild.

Images and info via presscoins.com and parkpennies.com.


  1. Wow, these are some really nice designs! The elongated dimes are particularly impressive.

  2. Sheryl- yes some of the elongated coin designs are quite handsome, especially when viewed close up.